5W Animation Multi Color Dj Laser Light for Night Club

This 5W DJ Laser Light Projector is for small events, dance clubs, live DJ shows, discos and festivals. It offers professional ILDA control and produces amazing aerial laser beam effects at a cost-effective OEM/ODM price. Put on a spectacular laser show and dazzle your audiences today!


5W RGB Dj Laser Lights Description

  • This powerful 5W 3D Dj Light Laser is designed for small events, dance, live DJ, discos and festivals. Though compact in size, it provides professional ILDA control and generates stunning aerial beam effects. At an affordable OEM/ODM price, this high-end laser lighting solution offers exceptional reliability and durability, backed by life-long technical support and spare parts supply. Create a spectacular laser show and dazzle your audiences now!
  • Key features:
    1.  Powerful 5W laser system produces bright and vivid laser beams
    2.  Advanced ILDA control for dynamic laser graphics and text
    3. Quick-release mounting bracket for convenient installation and removal
    4. Durable all-metal housing, properly cooled, fanless
    5. Ideal for mobile DJs, clubs, bars, concerts and special events
  • Specifications:
  • Product Model: YX601-RGB5000Product Name: 5W Full-Color RGB Animation Laser Light
    Rated Voltage: AC100V ~ 230V 50 ~ 60Hz ± 10%
    Rated Power: 150W
    Laser Source: Semiconductor Pumped Laser
    Laser Modulation: TTL Modulation or Analog Modulation
    Laser Wavelength: 530nm-638nm-450nm
    Laser Power: 5W (G 1W, R 2W, B 2W)
    Laser Color: Full-Color RGB
    Laser System: Galvo Scanning System-30kpps
    Control Mode: Automatic, Music Control, DMX-512, Master-Slave, ILDA Computer Software Interface
    DMX Channel: 12/21 channels
    Laser Effect: Aerial Beam Effects, Built-in 128 Animation Patterns, and ILDA port software
    Applications: Corporate Functions, Disco, Exhibition, Holiday Parties, Live DJs, Nightclubs, Smaller Venues, Weddings
    Environment: Indoor
    Operating Temperature: – 20 ° C ~ 45 ° C
    Packing Size: Packed in Cartons, 31 * 30 * 30cm
    Gross Weight: 5kg
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