Animation 2W Laser Light creates unforgettable atmospheres for small events

2W RGB Animation Laser Projector Light(YX604-RGB2000)

Experience the magic of bright 2W laser animations that bring your events to life.

RGB Laser Diode

Immerse your events in vibrant beams with the powerful 2W RGB laser
Built-in 128 animation patterns
Laser Power: Green 500mW, Red 500mW, Blue 1W

Control Mode

Auto, Voice, DMX, Master-Slave, ArtNET(Optional)

Max 150m² Functional Area

The applicable area can reach 150m² square meters, for many types of events, like weddings, parties, conferences, and venues where they seek exciting atmosphere inspiration.



  • Enhances Atmosphere: Immerse your audience in a visual symphony, creating a captivating atmosphere.
  • Adapts to Various Events: Versatility is key. These lights seamlessly adapt to different event sizes and themes.
  • Budget-Friendly: Cost-effective solutions that don’t compromise on the high-impact you desire.
  • Perfect Balance Between Impact and Intimacy: Small events get the attention they deserve with the perfect balance of impact and intimacy.
  • Your all-in-one solution: Experience high-impact 2W RGB laser animations, 128 pre-programmed patterns, voice-activated music sync, and convenient XLR/LAN connections.

Perfect 2W Laser Lights for Mobile DJs and Small Events

How to choose 2W Laser Stage Lighting for Mobile DJs and Small Events


  • Product Model: YX604-RGB2000
    Product Name: 2W Full-Color RGB Animation Stage Laser Lights
    Rated Voltage: AC100V ~ 230V 50 ~ 60Hz ± 10%
    Rated Power: 120W
    Laser Source: Semiconductor Pumped Laser
    Laser Wavelength: 530nm-638nm-450nm
    Laser Power: 2W (R 500W, G 500W, B 1W)
    Laser Color: Full-Color RGB
    Laser System: Galvo Scanning System-15kpps
    Control Mode: Automatic, Music Control, DMX-512, Master-Slave, ArtNET(Optional)
    DMX Channel: 12 channels
    Laser Effect: Aerial Beam Effects, Built-in 128 Animation patterns
    Applications: Corporate Functions, Disco, Exhibition, Holiday Parties, Live DJs, Nightclubs, Smaller Venues, Weddings
    Environment: Indoor
    Operating Temperature: – 20 ° C ~ 45 ° C
    Packing Size: Packed in Cartons, 31 * 30 * 30cm
    Gross Weight: 4kg

Lowest Budget to Light Up Your Next Event by 2W Laser Light
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